Domain name registration in South Africa

To register domain names in South Africa are simple and painless! Here are a few pointers to help you in the process of registering your domain name, with some domain name pricing information you should consider.

You can jump directly to get a free (no-obligation) online quote for domain name registration or first search for a name with the tool below.

What your domain name can do for you

Domain names are low-cost investments in "internet real-estate":

  • Protect your online identity, your company name and your brand
  • You can increase sales by marketing on the internet - either exclusively or to power-up your offline marketing efforts. (To help you do this, we give you a free 300+ page internet marketing course when you register your domain name).
  • Establish an identity and permanent home page for your business on the internet - no matter how many times you change ISPs.
  • Create a very cost effective "online business card" or "flyer" online advertisement.
  • Pull more visitors to your existing web site (an additional domain name pointing to an existing site is a neat trick to get more visitors from search engines.)
  • You have free hosting space provided by your ISP (or others - like Facebook) and would like a real domain name to point there.
  • Provide a professional email address @your-own-domain-name
  • Ask a web designer to build your web site when you are ready

For more info on see this non-technical article: How internet domain names work.

Pick suitable domain names

Your domain name should match your company or product name, but if that is not possible or practical, consider to register domain names containing keywords you would like to attract visitors with:

Search engines "prefer" long domain names with hyphens between keywords, for example while people prefer short, memorable domain names like ("" if you are in South Africa)

General tips for picking a domain name

To brainstorm:

  • At a minimum secure your business or product name as a domain name
  • Try to include search phrases in your name - for ADDITIONAL domain names pointing to your primary (business) name
  • Register short and long versions of your name if necessary
  • Think about the "Yahoo" and "Google" domain names - be creative! :-)
  • Use other languages..."Ubuntu" is a good example
  • If you service a specific region, think about adding it to your domain name, for instance

Choose your ISP (Internet Service Provider) wisely

Your service provider will literally become your internet business partner, so it is important that you pick a trust-worthy ISP.

Be careful to make sure that your domain name will be registered in your own name: some service providers use their own contact details and this can cause problems later if you need to move the domain or a dispute arises on the right of use for the domain name.

Caution: Read the fine print when you are offered a free domain name. In many instances the "free" domain name is the property of the service provider - and not yours; and if the registrar is not in South Africa you might buy yourself quite a few expensive and frustrating international telephone calls.

Make sure you can publish a home page immediately

Many service providers will register a domain name and point it to their own web site or some arbitrary under construction page, or even an advertisement for your ISP! You do not want this.

At a minimum you should publish your contact information (or at the very least your own "under-construction" page)...after all, if you go through the trouble of registering a domain name you might as well spend 10 minutes to make it work for you!

Be creative, use your page to:

  • publish an online business card (your paper card can point here)
  • A nice and clean page explaining who you are (your business)
  • A graphic of your logo / office / map / product / yourself / work
  • A brief introduction to your product, company or service
  • Use up to 300 words to tell your potential customers why they need to contact you
  • Etc...

Make it work for you

Our clients are often surprised at the amount of visitors they receive at their brand new domain name home page. Some are pleasantly and others not.

The point is you won't really know how many of your existing and potential customers are looking for your site on the internet until you actually have something online.

Whether you are taking a brand new business or an established one online, you should use your web page to market your domain name right away - then keep a close eye on your visitor stats.

If you are receiving many more visitors that you expected, it might be time to consider a full-blown web site to capitalize on your newly discovered hot leads.

No point in looking a gift horse (visitor) in the mouth - if you get potential customers to your page, go to work to turn them into confirmed clients! :-)

Domain name registration with Cozahost

Many years of internet experience and working closely with our clients allowed us to build this domain names registration service:

All Cozahost services and products are backed by an
unconditional, no-nonsense life time money back guarantee

  • A quick and simple online process to register domain names ending in, .com, .net, and several others
  • Immediate registration for domain names in your own or company name.
  • Publish your own web page immediately after registration
  • Instantly create a web page as an online business card, single page advertisement, information leaflet or anything else with our easy to use online forms.

Initial registration:
R 249.00 (first year)

Annual renewal: R 175

Fast facts :

  • Publish a web home page immediately 
  • Optional email
  • Convert to full web hosting at your leisure
  • Optional URL re-direction (if someone types in  you can automatically send them to
  • No binding contracts or hidden costs.
  • Add Google cloud services when you are ready to secure your data and work from anywhere on any device, with anyone.

What you get:

Included with your domain name registration, you get:

  • Formal registration of the domain - in your own name.
  • Exclusive use of your domain name for a year, with the option to renew indefinitely.
  • Easy to use online editor to update your home page as often as you like.
  • Statistics on the number of visits your home page received.
  • Re-direction to another web page of your choice.
  • Search-engine ready.
  • Ability to upload your company logo / graphic.


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